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SAP BTP, Serverless Runtime DISCONTINUED

Create cloud extensions in a serverless environment.

SAP BTP, Servless Runtime lets you build, run, and manage serverless applications that extend your digital core and can react to the latest business changes.


As of Q3 of 2021, SAP BTP, serverless runtime is not available for purchase. It will remain available and supported for existing customers until further notice.

How to replace the Serverless Runtime

From SAP point-of-view, it is replaced by SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime and the SAP Integration Suite (Read more about this).

Azure functions is also an option, if you are not afraid of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Image Processing Example


This service runs in the Cloud Foundry Runtime.


Holistic user experienceThe Extension Center business application provides a full-fledged user interface to build and manage your serverless extensions.
Fully-managed environmentRun your cloud-native extensions in a fully-managed, serverless environment decoupled from your digital core.
Extend business logicCreate serverless functions that can be triggered on demand as defined in your extension.
Connected systemsConnect your SAP systems to access highly available, scalable, and resilient OData APIs.