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SAP Integration Suite

Simplify and accelerate enterprise integration.

SAP Integration Suite connects and contextualizes processes and data while enabling new content-rich applications to be assembled faster with less dependence on IT. Pre-built integration packs along with existing investments can be composed to deliver new outcomes with less involvement by integration experts.

SAP Integration Suite

Supported Integration Scenarios

Build Integration ScenariosDiscover, design, and operate scenarios for end-to-end process integration with Cloud Integration.
Manage APIsDiscover, design, and govern application programming interfaces (APIs) for API consumers with API Management.
Extend Non-SAP ConnectivityConnect to non-SAP cloud applications from your integration scenarios with Open Connectors.
Implement Interfaces and MappingsDesign interfaces and mappings using crowdsourcing and machine learning with Integration Advisor.
Mange Trading PartnersDesign and operate business-to-business scenarios with Trading Partner Management.
Provide Integration Technology GuidanceDefine, document, and govern your integration strategy powered by ISA-M with Integration Assessment.
Assess Migration ScenariosEstimate the migration effort for SAP Process Orchestration scenarios with Migration Assessment.

High-level use-cases

What is the Integration Suite?

The Integration Suite is a next-generation, modern cloud-native platform and compliments the on-premise process and data integration platforms such as SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Data Services portfolio of tools that our customers rely on.

Blog → Harshavardhan Jegadeesan

Cloud Integration (CPI)
  • End-to-end Process Integration (A2A) supported with out-of-the-box integration with 1400+ pre-built integrations delivered as Integration Packs
  • B2B/EDI Integrations accelerated by AI-driven integration tools such as Integration Advisor that simplifies managing EDI types and mappings
  • eGovernment (B2G) integrations through Integration packs to support digital regulatory compliance
  • Low-code API development tools (cloud-based graphical tools) to develop REST and OData APIs for customers
Integration Advisor (IA)
  • Support for metadata management – EDI Types, Mappings. Out-of-the-box B2B library with EDIFACT, UNEFACT EDI types
  • AI-based mapping proposals to accelerate trading partner onboarding through accelerated mappings
Open Connectors (OCN)
  • Simplifies 3rd party (non-SAP) connectivity through hub-based 1-to-many integration to many integration hubs such as CRM, ERP, Cloud Storage, Social, etc. with 160+ open connectors
  • Develop your own open connector with Connection Builder
Enterprise Messaging (EM)
  • Event-based Integrations with out-of-box events from S/4HANA, C/4HANA, and Successfactors
Data Intelligence (DI)
  • Data Integration and data pipelining scenarios. ETL scenarios for data lakes and data warehouses
  • Applying machine learning algorithms for data clustering, regression, and insights
  • DI also supports SAP Data Warehousing Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud in data integration
API Management (APIM)
  • Full lifecycle management of enterprise APIs (design – develop – manage and engage with developers)
  • Support customers to launch their own API domains ( and run enterprise API programs.
SAP Graph (“BETA”)
  • One harmonized API for SAP to simplify developing apps on top of SAP. APIs are harmonized based on the unified domain model
Master Data Integration (MDI)
  • Supports out-of-the-box master data integrations across SAP applications in the Intelligent Enterprise Suite
API Business Hub
  • SAP´s marketplace for process blueprints, domain models, Open APIs and Integration Packs
  • 1500+ pre-built integrations, 1400+ APIs, 160+ open connectors
  • API Business Hub is connected to CPI, APIM and DI for customers to easily discover – configure and consume best practices content to accelerate integration projects


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LOD-HCI-PISupport component for this service