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UDINA Core is the foundation of all SaaS applications for on-premise and cloud solutions. Simply subscribe to Core and automatically use the latest versions without having to worry about maintenance.

UDINA Core Solution Diagram

Key Features

  • Quick Onboarding
  • Central access point for all kind of apps
  • Automatic updates
  • Multi Device User Experience
  • Native integration into other services are possible

Service Portal

UDINA Portal is the central access point for all kind of UDINA Apps, and commerce cloud is harmoniously integrated into the app shell. It supports all modern browsers and adapts to your corporate branding.

UDINA Portal Homepage


Multitenancy is one of the important architectural concept in cloud. SAP BTP allows to develop and run multitenant applications, and share them with multiple customers simultaneously. Fundamentals of Multitenancy in SAP BTP

Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which:

  • A single instance of an application serves multiple customers
  • Each customer is called a tenant
  • Multiple customers (tenants) use the same computing resources – physically integrated but logically separated
  • Even though customers share resources, customers aren't aware of each other, and their data is kept totally separate

To make sure, that all data is securly isolated, the following architecture is used:

Multitenant App

The solution is implemented and physically deployed in the UDINA Provider Subaccount. All Consumers get their own Subaccount, subscribing to the provider solution by completly isolating the customer infrastructure (like Cloud Connector for SAP S/4HANA OnPremise systems) and the identity provisioning.

Multitenant App

Data Separation

The solutions uses Schema Separation to archieve data separation in multitenancy:

  • A dedicated schema or if it's HANA an HDI Container.
  • Recommended approach by sap.
  • Very flexible - you can have a single database instance, for example a single HANA Cloud instance. Each tenant will get their own dedicated HDI Container. So effective their own schema and tables.
  • Can easily backup individual schemes or HDI containers.
Data Separation in Multitenancy