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SAP Build Process Automation

A citizen developer solution to adapt, improve, and innovate business processes.

SAP Build Process Automation combines capabilities from SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA with a powerful, yet intuitive no-code development experience. SAP Build Process Automation enables business users and technologists to become citizen developers. With powerful yet intuitive low-code and no-code capabilities, the solution supports you in driving automation by tapping into the expertise of citizen developers.

Create interactive formsCreate form-based workflows using drag-and-drop functionality and connected data sources.
Digitize processesBuild or adapt end-to-end processes with an intuitive, connected graphical interface to maximize efficiency across your organization.
Build and run automationsAutomate repetitive tasks within existing process flows using robotic process automation.
Manage decisionsDevelop and manage the decision logic in tabular, spreadsheet-like decision tables.
Achieve end-to-end process visibilitySupport real-time, event-driven transparency into comprehensive processes and process instances with process-visibility dashboards.

How to get started?

Find relevant SAP Tutorials for Developers or SAP Community Blogs.


Component NameComponent Description
BPI-PASupport component for this service