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SAP Alert Notification service for SAP BTP

Create and receive real-time alerts about your services.

SAP Alert Notification service for SAP BTP offers a common API for providers to publish alerts and for consumers to subscribe to these alerts. It is designed to send automatically real-time notifications and alerts about events that may be of interest to the business and operations.

SAP Alert Notification service for SAP BTP
Delivery of Platform EventsReceive crucial technical information about the availability of your resources or some issues that might require your action, which is exposed from platform services like application and database monitoring services, lifecycle management solutions, and so on.
Filtering EventsChoose which are the events that you are interested in and subscribe for receiving them.
Many Delivery OptionsReceive an event to a preferred communication channel or monitoring tool, such as e-mail, Slack or Microsoft teams channel, your custom webhook or well- known ticket management system like VictorOps and ServiceNow.
Post and Receive EventsCreate and receive an event related to your own application using a simple REST API. You can also benefit from an open-source Java library if your application is Java-based. Those events can be received in a channel of choice.
Common Event ModelSAP Alert Notification service converts the alerts of all SAP BTP solutions to a common format. This means that it is no longer required to switch between different event schemas or to support different format convertors.

How to get started?

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