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Azure Functions

Execute event-driven serverless code functions with an end-to-end development experience.

Accelerate and simplify serverless application development

Develop more efficiently with an event-driven, serverless compute platform that helps solve complex orchestration problems. The Azure Functions end-to-end development experience enables you to use languages you’re already familiar with. Build and debug locally without additional setup, deploy and operate at scale in the cloud, and integrate services using triggers and bindings.

AutomatedAutomated, flexible scaling to free you from infrastructure management
IntegratedIntegrated programming model to respond to events and seamlessly connect to other services
End-to-endEnd-to-end development experience with integrated tools and built-in DevOps capabilities
Develop your wayVariety of programming languages and hosting options to fit each scenario

Develop your way

  • Pick from popular programming languages you already know.
  • Start coding right away with the technology stack you use, with no new languages or frameworks to learn.
  • Implement a variety of functions and scenarios, such as web apps and APIs with .NET, Node.js, or Java; machine learning workflows with Python; and cloud automation with PowerShell.
Supported Languages


Image Processing sharp

Using sharp for image processing.

// Source Formats [gif|jpg|png|tiff]
// Target Sizes: [256, 2048]
await sharp(blob)    
    .resize(size, size, {
        // use white background color with alpha transparency
        background: { r: 255, g: 255, b: 255, alpha: 1 }, 
        // resize to squared image best fitting width or height
        fit: 'inside',      
        // do not enlarge smaller images
        withoutEnlargement: true    
    // The use of rotate implies the removal 
    // of the EXIF Orientation tag, if any
    // Force output to a given format