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SAP Job Scheduling Service

Define and manage one-time and recurring jobs or Cloud Foundry tasks.

SAP Job Scheduling service allows you to define and manage jobs that run once or on a recurring schedule. Use this runtime-agnostic service to schedule action endpoints in your application or long-running processes using Cloud Foundry tasks. Use REST APIs to schedule jobs, including long-running jobs asynchronously, and create multiple schedule formats for simple and complex recurring schedules. Manage jobs and tasks and manage schedules with a web-based user interface.

SAP Job Scheduling service
Use flexible schedule formatsFlexibly choose between cron and human-readable date formats for your schedules.
Get secure accessRun jobs on behalf of an application by using an OAuth authentication mechanism.
Schedule synchronously or asynchronouslyDefine and manage jobs synchronously or asynchronously as well as run long-running CF tasks asynchronously.
Optimize your resources usageRun Cloud Foundry tasks asynchronously and thereby optimize your resources usage.
App and scheduling logic seperatedUSE REST APIs to perform CRUD operations on jobs and schedules and to retrieve run logs of executed schedules.
Dashboard for managing jobs and tasksUse the web-based user interface to create, edit, or delete jobs and tasks for a service instance. Create, manage, and monitor schedules for your jobs and tasks. Check the logs to see if a schedule was executed successfully.
Supports Node-js client librariesConvenient client library to execute CRUD operations, including create job, from your Node.js application.


Component NameComponent Description
BC-XS-SRV-JBSSupport component for this service