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SAP Analytics Cloud

One simple cloud solution for all your analytics needs.

SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one cloud product offered as software as a service (SaaS) for business intelligence (BI), planning, and predictive analytics. Built natively on SAP BTP, it provides a unified and secure public cloud experience to maximize data-driven decision making.

StoriesA story is a presentation-style document that uses charts, visualizations, text, and images to describe data.
Analytic ApplicationsYou can create analytic applications for data analysis and data planning. Configure behavior of the UI elements with a set of specific script API events and specify which actions should take place when events are triggered.
ModelsIn SAP Analytics Cloud, a model is a representation of large amounts of business data from source systems. It defines measures and dimensions that are used to build visualizations, filters, and calculations in stories. Suitable for governed-data use cases.
PlanningSAP Analytics Cloud has many planning tools for collaboratively creating and updating model data to carry out planning tasks. At its simplest, planning involves typing values directly into table cells in planning models.
Smart CapabilitiesSAP Analytics Cloud offers many smart features for improving business decisions and analysis workflow.
DatasetsA dataset is a simple collection of data, usually presented in a table. Use a dataset as the basis for your story, and as a data source for Smart Predict. Datasets complement models and are more suitable for ad-hoc analysis.
SAP Digital BoardroomSAP Digital Boardroom is an interactive and real-time presentation tool. Take content from your stories and turn it into a real-time, interactive boardroom agenda or dashboard.
Mobile AppWith the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app, you have access to your analytics anywhere and anytime. Use the mobile app to connect to your SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

How to get started?

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