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SAP Feature Flags Service

Control the rollout of new features.

The SAP Feature Flags service allows you to enable or disable new features at runtime without redeploying or restarting the application. You can use feature flags to control code delivery, synchronized rollout, direct shipment, and fast rollback of features.

SAP Feature Flags Dashboard
Switch a functionality on and offUsing the Boolean feature flags, you can receive either true or false when evaluating the flag.
Use different variationsUsing the String feature flags, you can receive have two or more text variations when evaluating the flag.
Use a direct deliveryYou can activate a certain functionality for a dedicated set of values of the identifier query parameter that your application sends to the SAP Feature Flags service when the feature flag is evaluated.
Use a percentage deliveryYou can distribute the variations you have defined among your tenants without targeting specific ones.
Export and import flagsYou can export all the flags from one service instance and import them in another, keeping all the settings.

Lite Service Plan

The lite plan is development or testing purposes and allows up to 10 flags to be maintained. Only Boolean Flag Types and flags with no strategy defined are supported, this means that the feature marked with this flag will be either active, or inactive. No special deliveries are applied.

How to get started?

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Component NameComponent Description
BC-CP-CF-FEATUREFLGSupport component for this service