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New Solution Diagrams from TechEd 2023

It seems, that there is a new WIP started at TechEd 2023 concerning Business Technology Platform (BTP) Solution Diagrams & Icons – As seen at TechEd with a corresponding git repo. Currently, the referenced BTP icons have been removed.

What to expect?

In the future, we can expect a collaboration between SAP and to facilitate Open Source Solution Diagram icons using as the tool of choice for visualization.


Use the online editor and import relevant libraries by:

  1. Copy relevant library uri to clipboard using Copy Action
  2. Use Menu File -> Open Library from -> URL... and paste uri

Available Libraries

Status Quo and Deprecations

The UDINA BTP Service library contains also deprecated services that are still in use. At the moment, not all SAP icons have been converted to the new design.

Desktop App Benefits

Beside working with local files or offline, the desktop app also allows to drag and drop icons directly from the UDINA Icon Explorer using the latest icons without installing libraries.


Start using libraries by drag and drop symbols to the edit area.

UDINA libraries

How does it look like?

UDINA Commerce Solution Diagram
Develop a CAP-based (multitenant) application using GenAI and RAG