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SAP Credential Store

Store and retrieve credentials such as passwords, keys and keyrings.

SAP Credential Store service provides a repository for passwords, keys and keyrings for applications that are running on SAP BTP. It enables the applications to retrieve credentials and use them for authentication to external services, or to perform cryptographic operations and TLS communication. SAP Credential Store is exposed to the applications via a REST API.

SAP Credential Store
Store credentialsUse the repository to store passwords, cryptographic keys and keyrings for business applications running on Cloud Foundry and Kyma.
Retrieve credentialsRetrieve passwords, cryptographic keys and keyrings to use them for authentication to external services.
Manage service instancesCreate, bind and share service instances by using SAP BTP cockpit or Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI).
Create service keysCreate a service key if you need to use a service instance from an external application or an application deployed in another space.
Encrypt data with your own keysYour organization can control the encryption keys for data stored in SAP Credential Store by using SAP Data Custodian Key Management Service.