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Object Store on SAP BTP

Store and manage the blobs/objects on SAP BTP.

Object Store service on SAP BTP lets you store and manage objects, which involves creation, upload, download, and deletion. This service is specific to the IaaS layer such as Azure Blob Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Object Store on SAP BTP
Easy and secure accessCreates object store (AWS S3 buckets, Azure Blob container or Google Cloud Storage buckets) and passes secure credentials to the application to access the buckets.
High durabilityEnsures durability as the underlying technologies that we use provide storage replication.
ScalabilityOffers highly scalable storage that can be used by cloud foundry applications to store and manage objects.
High availabilityEnsures that the storage for solutions is available to the maximum, without any interruptions.


Component NameComponent Description
BC-CP-CF-OSAASSupport component for this service