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SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime

Develop and run containerized applications and extensions on Kubernetes.

SAP BTP, Kyma runtime is a fully managed Kubernetes runtime based on the open-source project "Kyma". This cloud-native solution allows the developers to extend SAP solutions with serverless Functions and combine them with containerized microservices. The offered functionality ensures smooth consumption of SAP and non-SAP applications, running workloads in a highly scalable environment, and building event- and API-based extensions.

Kyma runtime costs

To calculate the runtime costs based on Capacity Units use: Kyma Runtime Estimator

Microservice and serverless extensionsUse the Kubernetes-based capablities provided by SAP BTP and the project "Kyma" to extend SAP solutions with cloud-native microservices and serverless Functions.
Event-driven architectureBuild API- and event-based extensions which can be triggered on demand. Allow smooth event processing and delivery.
Fully managed environmentUse the benefits of fully managed service mesh and connectivity capabilities based on open-source components and open standards.
Consumption-based modelThe consumption-based model enables you to scale the runtime according to your business needs.

How to get started?

Find relevant SAP Tutorials for Developers or SAP Community Blogs.