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SAP HTML5 Application Repository Service for SAP BTP

Develop and run HTML5 applications in a cloud environment.

The HTML5 Application Repository service for SAP BTP enables central storage of HTML5 applications on SAP BTP. The service allows application developers to manage the lifecycle of their HTML5 applications. In runtime, the service enables the consuming application, typically the application router, to access HTML5 application static content in a secure and efficient manner.

Zero Down-Time EnablementThe HTML5 applications are decoupled from the consuming application router. This enables updating the static content of the HTML5 applications without restarting the application router in SAP BTP.
Versioning and AuthorizationExploration of HTML5 application content by version. Access control that is based on private or public authorization. When the HTML5 application is public, the service enables sharing this content with consuming application routers from different spaces.
Availability and PerformanceDuring runtime, the HTML5 application content is cached and optimized to provide high performance with minimal network load. The service provides several instances for a runtime to serve a high load of application requests.

How to get started?

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Component NameComponent Description
BC-CP-CF-HTML5Support component for this service