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Migrating from the Neo Environment to the Multi-Cloud Foundation

More and more customers will be faced with this task in the upcoming months and years as they transition from SAP’s proprietary Neo platform into the open-source application platform Cloud Foundry environment.

How to guide

Access the SAP Help Portal to read about the details on migration.

SAP Cloud Integration (CPI)

Read the SAP Cloud Integration migration guide, including prerequisites, if you want to migrate an existing SAP Cloud Integration solution.

Also read blogs from Marty McCormick and Yun-Hsuan Lin.

Environment (runtime)

SAP BTP supports multiple environments:

  • Cloud Foundry (CF)
  • Kyma
  • Serverless
  • ABAP

Cloud Foundry Environment

Because of the polyglot nature of the Cloud Foundry environment, you're also free to choose your own approach. You're not forced to use one language exclusively, but can choose between Java, Node.js, and many more.

NEO EnvironmentCF BuildpacksDescription
JavaJavaThe SAP Java buildpack is a Cloud Foundry buildpack for running JVM-based applications. The buildpack provides the following runtimes: Tomcat, TomEE, TomEE 7, and Java Main.
JavaNode.jsSAP BTP uses the standard Node.js buildpack provided by Cloud Foundry to deploy Node.js applications.



Scenario Components

Migrating a scenario from the Neo environment to the multi-cloud foundation implies migrating all components involved:

Migrating your Scenario Components
SAP IASSAP IASNo migrations neccessary, but for costs reason maybe switch to SAP Customer Data Cloud or Microsoft Azure B2C
HTML5 ApplicationsHTML5 Application Repository ServiceStandalone SaaS apps need an @sap/approuter

UXUI Theme DesignerSAPUI5 Themes can be supported using the theme designer runtime
SAP Document Management serviceSAP Document Management service
Object Store on SAP BTP
Migration Guide
SAP API ManagementSAP Integration Suite (incl. SAP API Management)This is no longer available as a separate service; it is a capability within SAP Integration Suite (see rebranding guide).

SAP Mobile ServicesSAP Mobile ServicesMigration Guides


SAP BTP supports the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model to develop new components using Java or Node.js.

It supports a CDS driven service approach to deliver oData v4 services out-of-the-box (v2 with a proxy).

Productively supported databases are SAP HANA service for SAP BTP and SAP ASE service.