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SAP Automation Pilot

Simplify the operational effort behind any cloud solution in the SAP BTP.

The primary goal of the Automation Pilot service is to simplify the operational effort behind cloud solutions on SAP BTP. It gives you an access to a wide variety of provided fully automated procedures like Database and Application Lifecycle Management, Monitoring, HTTP Requests, Bash Scripting and more. You can model and run your custom scenario by using our built-in content or by reusing your custom one which is modeled as a set of commands and inputs grouped in catalogs.

SAP Automation Pilot
Running Predefined CommandsThe service comes with a catalogue of ready-to-use commands related to SAP BTP DevOps scenarios.
Building Custom CommandsCustom commands can easily be created by using the low-code/no-code capabilities of the engine.
Storing Data SecurelySmall amounts of data can be stored securely and re-used across command executions.
Schedule ExecutionsExecutions can be scheduled to run on a specific date and time, or to be repeated regularly.
React on EventsExecutions can be triggered when events are fired, where an event can be any piece of JSON data.

How to get started?

Find relevant SAP Tutorials for Developers or SAP Community Blogs.


Alert NotificationCreate and receive real-time alerts about your services.


Component NameComponent Description
BC-CP-LCM-APSupport component for this service