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UI5 flexibility for key users

The UI5 flexibility service for key users lets you provide UI adaptation capabilities for your UI5 applications on Cloud Foundry. Users of your applications can change the user interface of your applications in an upgrade-safe and modification-free way, without affecting any other customer.

Adapt the UILet key users adapt the user interface for supported controls in UI5 applications. For example, key users can add, hide or rearrange fields, or rename labels. The changes are applied at runtime only, and the original app stays untouched.
Manage views (variants)Let key users create filter views and table views that will be available for all authorized end users, so these do not need to create them individually.
Save UI changes as draftsLet key users save UI changes in draft mode, so these changes are not yet visible to end users. When key users have finalized their changes, they can activate a new version of the UI, which then becomes visible to end users.
Manage versionsLet key users display a list of versions that were activated recently, and select one of these versions to reactivate it or create a new draft based on it.


Component NameComponent Description
CA-UI5-FL-CLSSupport component for this service