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Service Portal

Service Portal

Service Portals automate the delivery of customer specific product information 24 hours a day, which can, at least, complement face-to-face customer service.

SAP Solutions

SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition

The SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition enables organizations to establish a central point of access to SAP (e.g. SAP S/4HANA), custom-built, and third party applications and extensions, both on the cloud and on premise.

It implements the SAP Fiori Design System which currently has evolved to SAP Fiori with Horizon.

SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition

Intent-Based Navigation

The intent-based navigation mechanism in Fiori Launchpad allows users to launch applications in different views or modes depending on the runtime parameters.

An intent is a combination of the following elements:

Semantic objectRepresents a business entity, such as a customer, a sales order, or a product. Enables you to refer to such entities in an abstract implementation-independent way.
ActionDefines an operation, such as display or approve purchase order.This operation is intended to be performed on a semantic object, such as a purchase order or a product.
ParametersOptional. Parameters that define an instance of the semantic object, for example, employee ID.

Syntax: <semantic object>-<action>?<semantic object parameter>=<value1>

SAPUI5 Toolpage Layout

The SAPUI5 Tool Page Layout is widely used for admin cockpits.

UDINA Intelligent Observability Cockpit

SAPUI5 (OpenUI5)

SAP delivers SAPUI5 and the OpenSource based variant OpenUI5 to develope state-of-the-art responsive web applications.

SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori elements is a framework that comprises the most commonly used floorplan templates.

Flexible Programming Model

SAP Fiori elements for OData V4 provides various ways to extend applications to your own particular needs. The flexible programming model makes this easy for you. While you're free to use any SAPUI5 coding or controls in extension points, you can also take advantage of our building blocks and controller extensions.

SAP S/4HANA In-App Extension

Concerning SAP Fiori Elements development for an S/4HANA system, you can use the In-App Extensibility framework.

Extension InApp SideBySide

UI Integration with Cards

The new way for developers, key users, and end users to create and share business content in an easy, declarative, and consistent way. You can consume widget-like cards for the home page or dashboard.

UI Integration with Cards

Cross Solutions

UDINA Portal

UDINA Portal is an AppShell that hosts UDINA Apps, and provides the apps with services such as navigation, embedded support, and notifications.

UDINA Portal Homepage

Luigi Micro Frontend Framework

Luigi is not really a Web App Development Frameworks, but instead an open source JavaScript framework for micro frontends.

Luigi Test Playground

See Web App Development Frameworks for a list of possible SAP supported web technology stacks.


Depending on the use case and complexity of the needs, there are three different approaches from an SAP BTP point-of view.

Use Case

Use CaseDescription
SAP Launchpad ServiceMainly used for B2E Portals, but can also be used for other usecases. Main benefits will be in conjunction with SAPUI5 and Fiori app development.
Admin Cockpit based on Toolpage layoutAllows Freestyle development in the style of a administration cockpit for a defined and restricted set of functionality. It allows quick access to all relevant information.
Luigi Micro Frontend FrameworkIf you have to integrate different Web App technologies into one frontend and needs to be technology-agnostic, Luigi helps you to follow the SAP Fiori Design System.

Feature Comparison

FeatureLaunchpadToolpageUDINA PortalLuigi
AuthorizationBTPBTPBTPOpenID OAuth2 Custom
NavigationIntent-BasedRouting and NavigationRouting and NavigationAdvanced
UI5 Flexibility
Nesting Components
UI Integration Cards
Service Factory
Micro FrontEnd