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SAP Fiori tools


SAP Fiori tools SAP Fiori tools is a set of extensions for SAP Business Application Studio and Visual Studio Code that makes it faster and easier to develop SAP Fiori elements applications. If you are creating apps in one of those development environments, SAP Fiori tools provides functionality that simplifies the process of writing or modifying SAP Fiori apps throughout the entire development process.

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SAP Fiori tools, together with SAP Fiori elements, reduces development time, maintenance cost, and leverages the advantages of a metadata driven UI.

Tutorial: Set Up SAP Fiori Tools in Your Development Environment

SAP Fiori tools - Extension Pack

SAP Fiori tools - Extension Pack

SAP Fiori tools - Extension Pack


An extension pack that bundles SAP Fiori tools extensions.

Included Extensions

Application WizardAllows you to use wizard-style approach to generate the provided SAP Fiori elements templates.
SAP Fiori tools - Application ModelerAllows you to access a visualization of the application's pages, navigation, and Service entities. You can add new navigation and pages, delete pages, and navigate to corresponding editing tools.
SAP Fiori tools - Guided DevelopmentAllows you to access how-to guides and tutorials that explain how to implement certain functionality in an SAP Fiori elements application. You can read through the steps required to implement a feature and then use the guided development approach to make the required changes in your project.
SAP Fiori tools - Service ModelerAllows you to see a visualization of the OData Services metadata files and CAP CDS models. You can use it to easily browse complex Services including entities, properties, and associations.
SAP Fiori tools - XML Annotation Language ServerAllows you to access resources that help to define annotations in the code editor thus improving the application development by reducing effort and code consistency. The following is a subset of features that are part of this extension: code completion, micro-snippets, diagnostics, and internationalization support.
XML ToolkitAllows you to validate the syntax of XML files and detect multiple error types in a single file.