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Open UX Tools SAP/open-ux-tools

The Open UX tools project aims to provide open source modules that make the development of SAP Fiori applications more efficient.

open-ux-tools module dependencies

History and vision of the Open UX toolsThe Open UX Tools Journey ContinuesSAP Fiori Tools Help Site

Use the API Explorer to evaluate all @SAP-UX-* packages.

SAP Fiori generator @sap/generator-fiori

Create an SAPUI5 application using SAP Fiori elements or a freestyle approach.

The SAP Fiori application generator provides a single entry point to generate both SAP Fiori elements applications and SAP Fiori freestyle applications. Users can choose the type of template required, along with the relevant data source, and an application will be generated into the specified folder.

The generated application conforms to the Fiori Design guidelines and SAP best practices.

easy UI5 Generator generator-easy-ui5

Generator for UI5-based project.

Easy UI5 (easy-ui5) 💙 is a Yeoman generator which enables you to create simple SAPUI5/OpenUI5-based web-apps and other UI5-related projects within seconds.